A bunch of thoughts

Here I am procrastinating. I should be taking a shower and getting ready to go to work.

I happen to work in an essential field. So I’m not under quarentine or staying home. It’s not really a choice, but I’m happy for having a job so I can pay my expenses. Even though I put myself a little at risk. But I try to stay positive, if I get sick I’ll recover well.

I’m listening to music enjoying a few songs, I don’t listen anything different than music right now and it’s relieving. It’s me and my music, no bad news, no strange people talking to me at work.

It’s been almost a month since all this began in NY. I hope time goes by fast and all this become history, and that all my family stay safe. I hope to be able to travel so I can see them, I don’t know what will happen in about 2 months. But I’m not thinking a lot in the future anymore.

Today is March 24th, it was supposed to be spring already but the weather has been shy. I can’t wait for that sun to shine and those flowers to bloom.

I love writing while listening to music, it is magical, calming, it is like art.


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