Life in the 20’s (2020)

Year 2020, we are in a pandemic right now. A lot of things have changed so far. You can’t go out for leisure only for essentials such as food or gas.

We are not allowed to visit parks as this could provoque a crowd and consequently the spread of the virus. They closed every business people usually visit for entertainment or leisure (restaurants, movie theaters, museums, gyms, among others). It’s been 15 days but it feels like a long time.

I am writing this to keep it as a memory of how life was before and during the pandemic. I miss being outside, the excitement about going out to dinner or just to have fun. I’m learning to have fun differently now and bringing out my introvert self.

This has made me think about the importance of things. I want to spend Christmas with my family, I don’t care if the air makes me want to stay inside, I want to be with them because who knows that could be my last time.

I’m wearing my favorite perfume now, I didn’t use to do that because I wanted it to last more but I don’t even know how much time I will last either.

Uncertainty, fear of death, fear of death of my loved ones always keep me grounded. I don’t need expensive things, I don’t need to travel the world (I could still know more countries and places) but I do need my family. I am happy in part because I know I have them. So my next trip will definitely be to visit them.

Life is uncertain. We make plans without knowing what will happen tomorrow. Live today, be happy today, say what you want to say, don’t be afraid, there is no future. The future is just a creation of our minds. Don’t let it trick you, don’t let it sabotage you.


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