Is there a destiny?

When something happens wether I like it or not I always say a common said to myself “whatever had to happen, happened” (I translated it so I don’t know if it makes sense in English).

A lot of events I didn’t want to happen, had happened to me. Some of them have been important, I didn’t achieve certain goals, I couldn’t get what I want, things didn’t go as planned. And I try to find reasons, thinking I was not good enough or that If I’m not the smart person I think I am.

There is no answer, only overthinking that do not lead me anywhere at the end.

But sometimes as today, I think about those things as a requirement to be where I am now. I found the courage to make big changes by failing in many things I really wanted, many times.

I still have fear of failure but I know if I do, something different than what I wanted had to happen and that’s how I’m learning to grow. Accepting that I don’t have control over everything, but I can choose what to do after.

That’s how I’m creating my life, making decisions everyday.


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