How much crazy is good?

We often hear that crazy people are geniouses but, how far is crazy from insane? How can someone measure that, explain that, how much is healthy and how much unhealthy?
I believe I am crazy and somehow creative but my creativity has been sucked and now I am in a gap , waiting for ideas, seeing them surrounding my thoughts but when I try to catch them they’re gone.
Ideas are light, and I need that light on. I don’t want to be looking for others people’s words to put on my mind and mouth, I want to be the creator of my own script, of my jokes, of my incoherences and my errors.
I want to be crazy enough to not be afraid, to create something new, different, to make people think in another shape, another way. And yes maybe I am asking for too much but who has achieved something without first having a dream, a desire, an aspiration.
I’m here to learn and hopefully to teach too. Maybe one day I’ll be old enough to have something new to say to someone who doesn’t know it.
Or maybe I have already done that but I won’t know. I wish I could have a book where to write all the lessons I’ve learned from other people, that would be very helpful, like having a “dictionary of life” where we could go and search as google and say “hey! I’m in this situation right now”, but we are so complicated or at least that’s what we tell ourselves.

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