My trip to Canada

Yesterday I came back from my trip to Canada. I went to Toronto and Niagara Falls in Ontario. Today, I went back to work feeling different, happier, at peace, like if I had lived something that had an impact in me. I changed a little, I am a person that had found its place, where she belongs.

I always thought I was going to love that country, since the day I kept dreaming about going there. And I did.

There was nothing I didn’t love about the city, but I will talk about some things.

I loved that people didn’t assume that I was a foreign, I think they are very used to the fact of being an intercultural country that they are not surprised when people speak another language or have a different accent.

Every person that saw us a little lost, looking at a map or looking around, offered their help and answered our questions. They were very charming. I felt special, seen, safe.

Every place was a different experience, but all of them where great, unforgettable.

My boyfriend and I had the opportunity to take Uber so we met local people with whom we had pleasant conversations. Every person had their own concept about the lifestyle there but all of them had something in common… They were happy.

The people were very sweet, they smiled often, they were kind.

I feel that one part of me stayed in Canada and someday I will come back to be complete again, to stay forever.


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