Recognizing the Goodness in Life

I have been focusing on the negative lately, and that is not good for my mental health. I have been seeing everything dark, obscure, sad, and I don’t like being and feeling like this. So, today I want to focus on the good things.

I graduated from my Associate’s degree in Liberal Arts General Studies with distinction, and with an Advanced Studies Certificate also with distinction. I got accepted in the university that I wanted to go to, and the only one I applied to. I am so happy and proud of the results my hard work and effort have produced. I made it! This is only the first step in my long educational path that I am pursuing, a PhD, but I don’t want to minimize what I have achieved only because it is the first step. I finished the first step with honors, and after moving from another country. I started college two years after I arrived in the US, having lower English speaking and listening skills than today, and having no clue or information about the college process. I also started college during the pandemic, in 2020 fully remote, and I had to learn to be autodidact. I had a lot of challenges, feeling alone, feeling self-conscious, and being overworked, and sometimes I still wonder how I did it. I have to admit I am a very dedicated and focused person, and passionate about what I like, and purpose-driven. I am intelligent, something that I always doubted before. I am capable, and although I still seek reassurance, I know that I should believe in myself even if no one believed in me. However, someone believing in me (my boyfriend) was the reason for me to keep going and try. He is the kind of partner that makes you want to be better, and I am so grateful for having him in my life.

After being considering therapy for a while, I also started psychological therapy during the pandemic, and I learned a lot about myself, and I am grateful for being brave and having the courage to go. My life has not gotten easier, so I am glad I know how to seek help because I will sure need it again in the near future, once I start in my university to obtain my Bachelor’s.

Another good thing is that I won’t have a huge debt from college, because I was awarded a generous offer, so my debt will remain reasonable/manageable/payable. In other matters, my English has improved, I have more vocabulary, so my listening skills have improved as well.

Regarding my self-esteem, I think it has also gotten better, I accept my body more than before, and I use exercise as my antidepressant. Regarding the use of exercise I can also add that it is a helpful tool because it helps me being disciplined, and physically and mentally healthy. Speaking of health, I want to also add swimming to my routine or hobbies because I found out I am not allergic to chlorine, so yes, this feels like an achievement too! Because I love pools.

Another important point is that, my professors have told me that I’m a good writer and that they enjoy reading me, so I think my idea of writing a book someday is not a crazy idea after all. I feel encouraged and motivated to pursue my dreams, and my life quote keeps being on point, “Everything is possible.”


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