What are we?

I wonder how our mind works, and how different the thought process is from one person to another. I wonder what goes in your mind, you person reading this. What do you think when you are in the shower or in the gym treadmill, or what crosses your mind when you listen to your favorite song. Do you think about random people in your life? Your classmates? Do you remember past experiences as if you were there again?

I like being aware of my thoughts, and it is fascinating to see my thoughts pass by, randomly jumping from one day to another. I wonder what triggers your creativity, is it a song? A smell? A memory? The mind is very intriguing for me, an enigma, like any other person with whom I have a relationship. What motivates them, what moves them, what is their inspiration.

A while ago I went to an orchestra concert, I heard many beautiful instruments and sounds. Some people cried, but all of us remained silent for 2 hours straight. I wonder what all of them were thinking while listening to the same music. I also sometimes notice the peculiarity of our humanness. We watch movies, with people like us, doing things we do. Isn’t it so anthropocentric? I think it is. We are weird, we humans. We pay to view imitations of our own behaviors, in theaters, in concerts, in television. We pay to view inside another person’s mind. The creations of someone’s mind in the shape of science fiction, romance, even porn; we like to know everything about everyone, we don’t like the unknown, there’s science too. There is no space for privacy, we are invaders of space, physical and spiritual.

I wonder if I made you wonder about these things, or if you had already thought about them. Now I’ll keep doing my gym routine, after I suddenly received all these thoughts while doing cardio. My mind has been wondering all day so I hope this helps me get out of the trance state I’ve been all day.


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