What is going on?

I have been feeling weird lately. I am afraid of women’s stares. I feel like when they look at my eyes they are trying to decipher something. They are trying to find out if I am queer. I am not, but I feel uncomfortable with that situation. I have been avoiding men’s staring at me for so long because I was trying to avoid feeling harassed. I didn’t want to feel objectified. However, now that I look at women more than men, I feel the same about women! Of course I don’t feel that from all of them but again I feel uncomfortable for people seeing me.

Is this social phobia? Androphobia? Gynophobia? I don’t know what is happening with me and why I feel like a teenager with all these questions and fears. Is it normal to have all these questions at my age? I am 27, and I felt I was sure of many things, but sometimes I feel like I am a kid trying to figure out the world again. I have been in this country for 3 years and it hasn’t been easy. New social phenomenons, social norms, social problems… I feel like all the negative stuff is getting inside my head and I am becoming dark but… I just want to be happy.


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