The Afterlife

Have you ever wondered if there is an afterlife? Do you have any assumptions about it? How is it for you? What does it mean for you? Personally, I believe in it. I once had a dream where I was someone else and I had another name. When I woke up, that name was stuck in my head so I looked it up. It was not a word I have heard before, I did not read it anywhere, it came from my dream. The first time I looked it up I could not find any information, but a while after that I looked it up again and I found out it was a name. From that moment I started to believe I had another life, I was someone else in the past. I am not afraid, and perhaps that does not change anything for me either, I just have a belief now, there is an afterlife.

I sometimes have believed that I cannot connect with a lot of people, it is difficult for me to reach that deep level of connection with someone, so part of me thinks it is due to the level of understanding of my own soul. I think my soul has grown, learned by each one of the people it has lived with, all the experiences from those people, those other bodies like mine. However, I insist, that does not change anything in me, it just makes me aware that, this body is borrowed. I am not a religious person, I just like to connect with my soul. I like to live my life as this was the only one, no afterlife, nothing but today, this life. I live my life as if it was my last day, because someday will actually be.

I want to say that, whoever you are, be who you want to be, do what you want to do to be happy. This is your only chance to try, to fail, to succeed, and to die. You will only die once, and if you live after that, you will be a different person, and the people you will know will be other people, or you probably will just stop existing. Anyway, this life is the only life we have to meet people, to love people, to be happy. So why do we worry about the future?


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