January at home

It has been a while since my last post. I am having a good time with my family in Mexico, it feels good to be home, to be back. But, it kind of breaks my heart when my mom asks me to stay, I love her and I would love to see her often, but this is not the place that makes me feel peaceful. I am still don’t know where will I end up, but right now I am enjoying my time, far away. Here I enjoy the sun, the food, my friends, the small family gatherings, basically the base that keeps me going is here, my heart is here in Mexico, but my mind is looking for some other things I could not find here. I am feeding my mind, growing, growing up, adapting, blooming. I am still in this process, and I just started. I still have a lot of time ahead to achieve more goals, and it is sad having to be in the in between. Feeling at both places at the same time, I wish I could be here more often, but I can’t for now.

So I am embracing my time here, with my loved ones, and I know I’ll miss them the moment I start packing. But, I need to stay strong, focus and conscious that I am doing a sacrifice for my future. I want to become something, I want to prove myself things, I want to explore my capabilities, to feed my mind and my curiosities, and to go as far as I want.

It is not easy what I am doing, leaving home, leaving my loved ones, so I know I have to make it worth it. But I do not want to stress myself, I have had enough so far. I will do my best, and I will be happy for whatever I am able to achieve. I know I am already brave for trying.


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