I want to go to Standford

Is it too much to ask for?

Sometimes I feel I can do anything, I’m capable of anything, I have no fear.

Other times I feel I’m not good enough, I need to be more, I need to be extraordinary, excellent and I am just not perfect.

I entered the website to look at their faculty and students, none of them looked like me. I doubt it is the lack of applicants, who wouldn’t want to go to Standford? So the next thing I think it is because of racial injustice.

But I don’t want that thought to discourage me. I don’t want to sabotage myself. I am not less than anyone just for my color or origin. I hope they understand that. I have the same drive and motivation to learn and work hard and help people and contribute to science. I want to study Psychology. I have a plan, I have goals.

Sometimes I remember words from people when they have said that life is not easy, maybe to prepare myself for when they reject me but I don’t want to adopt that mindset.

I have so much in my mind I want to share. I want to be the exception, I want to be able to say “Hey you can achieve your goals no matter how hard they seem, no matter where you’re from”, I might be a dreamer but just as John Lennon said but I am not the only one.

I want to go to Standford.


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