The unknown

Can we talk about something we don’t know? I certainly doubt it. At least no if you are someone who does not lie. I am one of the latter. I talk about things I’ve experienced, I’ve seen, lived, felt. I don’t like lies so I don’t lie.

I think that’s why its so complicated to explain something that other person may not have experienced. How can you explain the importance of love over physical attraction to someone who have never been in love. How do you explain your feelings to someone who has never felt vulnerable.

I believe whatever we live has a purpose. It makes us stronger, wiser, more empathetic, sensitive, humble.

I wish we could reveal the world to others, to save them a lot of suffering, a lot of lessons, tears, betrayals, fights, losses. But the truth is no one can learn in another skin, we have to feel it to understand it. It is the natural order, I think if we were exposed to all this scenarios and experiences at a time, we would be ruined, lost, traumatized. Life is not to be learned in one day, life is a journey you have to create, it is your own story, it is the sum of your choices. You can not live someone else’s life, that person wouldn’t be you.

At this point I more than ever believe we are unique, we are very different but not for our looks but for our stories. We are unique and special in someone’s life. That’s why we admire a person, because of their uniqueness.

That’s why it feels so special when we meet someone who has a lot of things in common with us, and the same reason why the differences attract us so much.


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