Phase 1

I didn’t want to finish my day off work without doing something I like besides binge watching The Flash and eating pizza, writing.

I’ve been doing well since I changed my mind about some things. I feel I am changing from the inside, I am not sure how but I am grateful that’s happening.

My quarentine could be ending, we are in phase 1 reopening and I feel better than how I felt in the beginning.

Someone told me I seem more calmed, and that made me realize I feel it too.

I stopped putting more pressure on my shoulders, I decided I wouldn’t worry about gaining weight that much during quarantine because right now life is not easy and I didn’t want to have more things to worry on top of the ones I already had. And I feel good by making that decision.

I’ve been working hard, worrying about a thing at a time, focusing on the present.

I’ve had more communication with my family which makes me a lot happier and calmed. I have overcome the need of being outside, I feel safe at home.

I am not sure if I’ll be going outside soon but for now I am comfortable and I am saving money too so things are stable right now in my life and maybe that’s another reason why I feel at peace.

I hope everyone is doing well and this pandemic ends soon in every country, specially where my family is.


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