Time to reflect

It’s been a month since the country has declared a state of emergency. A lot of plans have changed. There will no more travel, gatherings, concerts, festivals, nights out or shopping until further notice. Sounds sad when they say “you can’t do it”. We don’t like negatives. Is it all about perspective? Is it the power of words?

We can rephrase it in our heads, “stop overworking, enjoy your home, reconnect with your family”. A lot of people was forced to stop working and I understand the negative aspects but, we never have security about anything in our lives.

I just want to bring the positive aspects in a situation of stress and fear.

We are alive today, in this precise moment. If not for the current disease, we could die for any other random reason anytime anyway so why worrying. I deal normally with anxiety, I don’t need a new reason.

I am tired of social media, they make everything worse, it is a chain of negative thoughts and misinformation. I feel more calm since I closed my facebook page. I try to use my phone only for fun, entertainment, reading, playing games, communicating, take photos and every other day I read the news. I would normally read or watch the news daily but currently there is no point. I am focusing on the good things.

I enjoy being at home, wearing my headphones, writing, talking to my friends, my parents, having more time with my partner. I enjoy being able to see the sunset through the window, the rain and why not some scattered snow.


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