New country new friends?

Today I’ve asked myself this question.

I have almost two years in the US, my friends are back in Mexico. I never really thought that I was creating a whole new life, I thought I could keep in touch with my friends often, that distance wouldn’t matter. But it does.

I’m not there for them, nor them for me. When it’s my birthday they don’t call me, I don’t hear their voices, I don’t call them either. They go out with their friends and I go out with my boyfriend, I have no friends here. I might have one but we don’t see anymore, I don’t know how long this new friendship is going to last so I’m not counting in yet.

I thought nothing would change but it has. I’m changing and they’re too. We are living different things, different stages. I feel like I am becoming an old friend for them so that makes me think I need to move on and make new friends but I just don’t feel the motivation to look for friends. I hope they come with time, randomly, naturally. I just feel friends are important in a person’s life.

I am kind of melancholic today, but I might think this way tomorrow. I never thought moving meant beginning a story from scratch. It’s exciting but also unpredictable.

I don’t want to be a different person just to be liked, and I won’t be. I don’t want to think a lot about it so I’ll let things be.

Que será será. What will be will be.


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