A new change

I didn’t end the year feeling absolutely good neither began it but it’s not magic, it doesn’t work like that, it’s an everyday job, to work in ourselves.

I feel I’ve been worrying too much about everything all my life but before I didn’t have much to worry about or not much going on in my life but now that I do, everything became overwhelming and I can’t hold it anymore.

My goal since now on is to not overthink. Less think more act because everything becomes a problem when I overanalyze it. So thanks to the book I’m reading (The subtle art of not giving a shit) I am trying to be better to feel better. I accept the sadness but I really have to be a little more careless.

And that’s it. I just wanted to give you an update of my thinking and feeling right now. Yes, I’m talking to myself because I don’t think someone will read this. But anyway I am confident that this plan will work.

If you are in fact reading this I hope your life is going well and if not, that you are working to change that too.

“Nobody said it was easy”.


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