Me vs. Stress

I didn’t want to believe I was stressed until my body began to make me realize it.

It’s difficult to see it, I don’t recognize it, I didn’t know I was because I do the same things everyday, but maybe the routine is part of my problem.

I work, come home, eat, take a shower, sleep, wake, go to work, come home… But it’s hard to point just that as the reason, maybe I don’t feel comfortable with all the things I have in mind.

I have to apply to school, I need a car, I need to pay medical bills. My economic situation, my medical situation, my academic situation. I think the sum of those thoughts make me anxious and stressed and I didn’t know.

I began with sleeping problems, now I have gastrointestinal issues. Come on stress, get out of me.

I accept any comment to cheer me up, It would be more than welcome to know that I’m not alone.

Thanks for reading me.


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