If you don’t care about me

If you don’t care about me, I won’t care about you. I don’t know if you consider this good or bad, for me it’s something I’ve had to learn for my own sake.

I used to love a lot of people, and care about them, even after they didn’t love me back. It was hard to have them in my mind and see their lives pass and trying not to care. I was happy for them and many times I let them know that I was there but they never asked me how I was. In that time I’d wanted someone to ask me how I was at least but that never happened. I was the only one loving and caring. This applies for every type of relationship in my life.

So after the time I’ve spent, losing time loving other people who didn’t love me. There was other people loving me who I wasn’t paying attention because I was pursuing other people’s love.

These other people were there for me without having to tell them how I was, and for me that was a revelation.

Since that, I just don’t care anymore when someone leave me, stop caring and stop loving me, I care for myself and the people who loves me back, I owe them the time and love they give me. I thank them for being there not expecting nothing back, I just don’t want them to feel like I’ve felt. I appreciate everyone’s time, I know that we all have things to do and besides that, there’s people who still make time to ask you how you are and how you’ve been. These people deserve the best of me.

I don’t have time to lose nor love to give to someone who is taking it for granted. A friendship, a romantic relationship, and any other type of relationship is a two way street.


One thought on “If you don’t care about me

  1. And on that note, the quality of all kinds of relationship is better than its quantity. 😉 Glad to know that you were able to grow from your past experiences. Bad memories aren’t bad at all for it also open our eyes of who’s worth of our love and attention. God bless and thank you for leaving a comment on my blog as well. ☺


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